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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questionsWhy Should I Build With Donemans?

Donemans Pool Centre has been designing and installing pools since 1980, making us Bundabergs longest established pool builder. We have a dedicated team of pool professionals, from experienced sales consultants, a team of trained pool technicians and a local shop filled with the best knowledge and products.

What Sets Us Apart?

It's our personal relationship with our clients as we stay in contact over many years to continue providing a quality service. We treat each pool that we build as a promise for long term enjoyment and investment for our clients homes.

What Type Of Pools Do You Install?

We speciailse in designing & installing concrete pools, individually engineered for your circumstances.

Why should I choose concrete over fibreglass?

There are some key differences that explain why we choose to specialize in concrete constructed pools. The biggest reason being that we individually design and engineer every pool we install. Our experienced salesmen will listen to your ideas and inspect the site to ensure that we help you get the best suited pool to the area and requirements. There are very few limits to size, shape & depth when designing your pool. Because of this flexibility, we are able to design pools that are personal to you.  

Salt Water or Chlorine?

Salt Water Chlorination is the most common method of sanitation for swimming pools today. Consistently produced chlorine helps the pool stay clean & clear at all times. Alternatively, we recommend & stock MagnaPool Minerals, a mehtod of chlorination that utilizes a blend of of magnesium and potassium to achieve unrivaled water softness & quality, along with numerous health benefits.

How do I start?

Come into store or give us a call to start your pool construction process. We can answer any further questions you might have, along with offering obligation-free site inspections and quotes.